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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sushi Salad

I decided to try my hand at this recipe I found on A Beautiful Mess
It's a sushi salad! So yummy, and so easy to make.

What I used:

Seaweed sheets
Sesame seeds
Vegan Mayo
Crab Sticks

How To Make:

In a large bowl, combine 2-3 tablespoons of Mayo ( I used vegan, but you can use regular), a teaspoon of Sriracha, and I teaspoon of Wasabi Sauce.
Then, squeeze half of a Lemon in to the bowl, and stir it in, creating a lovely dressing. 
Shred some Kale and put it into the bowl ( I like Kale because it is the most nutritious!)
Mix it all up until dressing is all over the Kale. 
Sprinkle Sesame Seeds on top (use alot! They are yummy!)
Shred two Seaweed Sheets (or more if you are making a larger salad) and mix it in with the dressing and Kale.
Then take 3-4 Crab Sticks and cut them into small pieces and dump them into the bowl.
Cut some Avocado, and place on top of the salad.
This I did as my own touch to the dish: I took 1 small piece of Avocado, and 1 small piece of Crab, and rolled them into a small piece of Seaweed. I made two, and stuck them into the side of the dish
And you are done!
This is the version I did, but I was only making for two.  Just add a little more of this and that if you are making it for a crowd! 


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  1. I love sushi!
    I really have to try this!!
    You have a new follower over here! :)

    xx, A!