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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sushi Salad

I decided to try my hand at this recipe I found on A Beautiful Mess
It's a sushi salad! So yummy, and so easy to make.

What I used:

Seaweed sheets
Sesame seeds
Vegan Mayo
Crab Sticks

How To Make:

In a large bowl, combine 2-3 tablespoons of Mayo ( I used vegan, but you can use regular), a teaspoon of Sriracha, and I teaspoon of Wasabi Sauce.
Then, squeeze half of a Lemon in to the bowl, and stir it in, creating a lovely dressing. 
Shred some Kale and put it into the bowl ( I like Kale because it is the most nutritious!)
Mix it all up until dressing is all over the Kale. 
Sprinkle Sesame Seeds on top (use alot! They are yummy!)
Shred two Seaweed Sheets (or more if you are making a larger salad) and mix it in with the dressing and Kale.
Then take 3-4 Crab Sticks and cut them into small pieces and dump them into the bowl.
Cut some Avocado, and place on top of the salad.
This I did as my own touch to the dish: I took 1 small piece of Avocado, and 1 small piece of Crab, and rolled them into a small piece of Seaweed. I made two, and stuck them into the side of the dish
And you are done!
This is the version I did, but I was only making for two.  Just add a little more of this and that if you are making it for a crowd! 


Friday, January 25, 2013

Yellow Mellow

Sometimes all you need is a hat. Especially a bright colored hat to keep the cold away

That and a good song

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inspiration Night: Kate Moss

It may cliche, but Kate Moss will always be a source of inspiration for me. 
I have not been taking outfit photos because I just haven't had time, and when I have had time, I'm so bundled up that the outfit I'm wearing is basically a blanket, and I don't think you care about that! But I do want to get back in to taking good outfit shots. It's just been so damn cold out here in Pittsburgh, going down to 7 degrees. 
To get ideas of how to dress for this cold (when I HAVE to go out), it's really wonderful to turn to Kate Moss and see how she layers and layers without looking like she's layering!
Tell me which picture is your favorite :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Date Night

Date night is something every couple should do no matter how long they've been together. You can't forget that flames die if you don't put effort into it. I sometimes forget this very badly and then my relationships go sour. I understand the importance of it all. 
If you live with your love, it's important to not always look like a couch potato. Don't get me wrong though, I will wear my pajamas for a whole day if the day calls for it, but sometimes I'll remember to get dressed in the morning like a normal person.
It's important to keep giving kisses.
It's important to tell them how great they are.
It's important to go out and enjoy each others company even if you have seen them at home all day.
Relationships are hard, God knows I've had my disasters. 
When you find someone who is absolutely worth it, then you do everything to keep them, even if that means doing a crazy dance, in your pajamas, right in front of him, spur of the moment, kiss him on the head, and walk away.

And not tell him that I think he's more photogenic than me and that that's unfair....oh wait, I did tell him that! ;p

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Story For The Aimless

A few shots from our show a couple of weeks ago. 
It's not easy being a full time musician, but it's worth it, and will continue to prove to be worth it.
The pros are: I get to play music, make my own schedule, travel, be with my best friend, Guy practically all the time.
Cons: Lack of money.

But hopefully that will change. We have been looking into a series of concerts call Concerts In Your Home. When we get shows booked, we will travel more and earn money to live off of. 

Some people may think I'm crazy for choosing this career, but the truth of it is, while I may have made a decision to definitely pursue it,  I did not completely choose this path for myself. 
My dream as a young girl was to be an actress. I wished for someone to notice me and pull me out and make me a star. But that didn't happen.
I sucked at school, paying more attention to self-destruction than grades.
Lost myself, didn't know what I was good at.
Until my crush in middle school was holding a guitar one day, and I was smitten...with the guitar.
I had to have one.
I learned to play.
I started going to open mics. 
I found out I was just good at this. I wasn't/am not good at very much, but this I could do.
I dropped out of film school to go on a tour.
Went all over the country, living in Portland for a bit, tasting the Salt Lake,  driving through the desert.
But then I lost myself very badly again. 
Moved back into my parents house in New York City and completely drowned.
If it wasn't for the few friends I had left, I don't know what path I would have gone on. 
They convinced me to move to Pittsburgh.
And while I was still lost, and my first few months here were lonely and confusing, I slowly made friends.
And found a true friend in Guy.
He's more than my boyfriend, he's my best friend, my confidant, and my bandmate.
We always bounce back after a rough time.
Our band rose to the top, and was announced WYEP's (Pittsburgh's Indie radio station) Band of the Year!
And now I get to play shows with him all over America, and in May, Europe!
Sure it's tough, and when I think back on my life, there are lots of things I regret doing, situations that I should have escaped when I had the chance or if I had had the sense.
Am I completely happy and content now? No. Money worries me endlessly. Worry leads to horrible panic attacks. Panic attacks come from a lifetime of bad situations that I'm trying to figure out.
I will get there. To complete happiness. Who knows, maybe I'll find it in Berlin or London! 
Or maybe, it's already here.
Corny, yes? Too bad.
I'm finally starting to understand, (and I should probably put it in writing on my ceiling so I can read it every morning) that happiness comes from within ourselves. 
It's extremely hard to do, and I can't tell you how to do it, because I'm just now starting to try it.
Music can help. And that's why I do it.
Arn't you tired of feeling like crap?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Purple Hair Bang Bang

If I ever have money in my life, I would love my hair to be long and purple. There's just something so beautiful about it, it would make me feel like the fairy I've always wanted to be...or superhero haha 
As well as bangs. While they are hard to maintain sometimes and get in eyes very annoyingly, they are fun and worth it.
Good Night

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Thinking

I like the idea of making resolutions, but I feel like I have so many that it starts to feel overwhelming. 
I will instead write out what I would like to accomplish in the new year ( at least what I can think of for now!)

~Be less lazy
~Do Yoga
~Live off the band
~Stop comparing myself to others
~Be more adventurous
~Not be so scared
~Find a good stylish backpack for our tour to Europe
~Eat healthier
~Weed out my closet
~Visit my family in NYC more often

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure lots more will be thought of.

What are you resolutions? :)

Happy 2013!