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Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year

I've been trying to think of what the new year means to me. 
I think I've come up with a few things.
It means working harder on the band
working harder on myself.

It's easy to say these words and come up with plans than to put them in action. 
For example, I have been saying "I should really do more yoga" and yet I never do.
So why not use this end of the year day for a new beginning like it's meant to be used and actually DO IT.
I feel like 2013 will bring lots of exciting things. I've never thought that before. A new year meant nothing really to me, just another day. But this time, there are changes that are happening and that will actually make me work my butt off. 
Plans are being made for the band to tour alot more, going to Richmond and New York City again, and then to Europe in May.
Yes, money will be a struggle, like it always is, but we'll find a way to make rent. 
It's time to fully focus on the important things then live a life that is unsatisfying.

We just recently got back from NYC. I was visiting my family for the holidays and had a wonderful time. I've missed my family a lot, and it was really hard to leave (I started crying in the car ride back to pittsburgh), but now I know we will be back, especially since we already booked a show there in February! 
It was great to be back in a place where you don't need a car, and the energy is high.

A few shots I took while walking around. The last one was from our walk on the High Line. It was cold and rainy, but it was worth it.

I also went to my absolutely favorite restaurant down on West 4th St called Red Bamboo. I've never not gone here when I visit. It's an all vegan restaurant. I got the Voodoo Sticks, rice, vegetables, and seitan beef. Delicious.

I leave you with the behind of my sister. 
I hope everyone has a great new years and starts off the new years right, what ever that means for you!


  1. When you come in February, if you're around for a Sunday, we should hit up my favorite restaurant, Northern Spy! I think you'd love their braised carrot entree.

  2. That's so exciting that you guys are touring Europe! Where all are you going? I wish I could tag along!